I’ve spent ten years teaching myself about cooking and ingredients, though I’m still learning. I’m self-taught, mostly via cookbooks. This blog is where I write about the best recipes that I’ve made or created. It’s a place where I can share knowledge, and in return the blog helps me become a better cook and improve dishes.

My interest in ethnic cooking started with the food I grew up with–a mixture of homestyle Chinese dishes or American food (I’m half Chinese). Restaurants, places I’ve lived, and travel experiences contribute further inspiration. I started cooking as a way to recreate dishes that I longed for but was no longer able to find. Since I live in the Bay Area, I’m also interested in California cuisine, especially the type from the 70s and the modern California cooking that’s going on in the city today.

When I’m not cooking in my tiny San Francisco apartment, reading about cooking, or posting here, I’m a professional software engineer.




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